• Our Love Affair with Colombia’s Caribbean Coast

    A trip to Colombia wouldn't be complete without thoroughly exploring its stunning caribbean coastline. From adreneline pumping Minca to bohemia hippy Palomino, and all the islands in between. Here's our travel guide so you don't miss the best the coast…

  • Guatapé: More than a Day Trip

    Guatapé is well known among tourists. And for good reason. The colorful streets of this Pueblo are captivating and the views from the Penõl, unforgettable. Here's why it deserves more than a day trip.

  • The Best of Medellin: City of Eternal Spring

    Medellin is a city transformed. A city looking forward. Eco-friendly, clean, safe, and economically booming. It's a young city. Completely rebuilt in the last two decades. And quickly becoming a tourist hotspot in Colombia. Rightfully so. This is a city…

  • Off-The-Beaten-Path: Asia Part 3

    This weeks travel inspiration comes to you from some of my fellow female travel bloggers. The final part in my collaboration series. Here's some beautiful hidden gems that Asia has to offer.

  • Off-The-Beaten-Path: Asia Part 2

    Off-The-Beaten-Path travel inspiration coming to you from Asia. Here's part two in a collection of hidden gem destinations from female travel bloggers.

  • Salento: Exploring the Cocora Valley

    Salento was the unexpected favorite of our Colombian adventure. The towering wax palms of the Cocora Valley are what brought us to the mountains and we wished we could have extended our stay. Here's why you should make the trek…

  • Off-The-Beaten-Path: Asia

    Asia- a vast continent full of rich culture, tasty food, and some amazing off-the-beaten-path destinations. Here are some favorites from fellow travelers.

  • Off-The-Beaten-Path: Part 3

    Some Off-The-Beaten-Path Travel Inspiration for you. Part three in my collaboration series featuring other travelers favorite OTBP travel destinations.