Popotla Fish Market

A taste of authentic Mexico. A classic Baja fishing village seemingly untouched by the tourists just 20 minutes up the road. Perhaps, this has something to do with the lack of signage. Maybe the location is just slightly out of reach for the average pedestrian. Or simply that people just don’t really care to venture off-the-beaten-path.

I’m gonna tell you how to get there and why you should go.

How to Find it.

About 15 minutes south down the road from the city center of Rosarito you’ll come across a very long, very graffitied wall on your right side extending toward the beach. To avoid paying just park on the main road and walk from here.

Rosarito Mexico

When you reach the dirt road by the water you’ll find Tamale carts and seaside restaurants galore. If you follow the road to the left down the embankment you’ll stumble upon the fish market.

What is it?

An open-air market with plastic tables piled high with King crab, Halibut, Yellow Fin Tuna, and Red Snapper. Fish are gutted and cleaned in front of you while locals haggle prices. Oysters and Clams are shucked and bagged and carted away to restaurants and homes all over Baja.

Small beach shacks were serving up the day’s spoils to patrons seated in plastic chairs lining the beach. The favorite seemed to be ceviche served in a coconut.

Rosarito Mexico

Aside from a surfer family we were the only tourists in sight. The boats bringing in their catch were still floating just offshore and fisherman began cleaning their equipment in the waves as the sun began to go down.

Why Go?

  • Tide Pools. Time your visit for the later evening when the tide starts to go out and then walk along the rocky shores and see what you can find!
  • World’s largest Pig?? I don’t know if he is always there or if he was destined to be on someone’s dinner table this week but he was impressive, to say the least. I don’t know how big pigs normally get but he had to be a contender for Mexicos largest.
  • Enjoy a more authentic Mexico. No cheesy vendors, dirt cheap prices, tasty Mexican food, and just some good old-fashioned beach fun.
  • Stop by Mercado Del Mar across the roadway while you’re at it. You can pick up some cheap tequila or maybe some Havana Club Rum straight from Cuba.
Rosarito Mexico


  • Eat dinner by the water. The little shacks serving up fresh seafood from the market seem to have the freshest food and the best seat in the house.
  • Tamale Time! The best tamale I’ve ever eaten was a spicy chicken Verde tamale from the “Originales Tamales de Popotla” cart.
  • Dinner with a sunset view. Fresh seafood dinner served overlooking the ocean?? Sign me up. All the restaurants along the road have ocean views.
  • Interested in other places to eat while in Rosarito?

Easily reachable from Rosarito (even if you don’t have a car), you have no excuse not to check out this hidden gem. And catch a little glimpse of Mexico when tourism isn’t the driving industry.

Rosarito Mexico

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  • Vicki

    This looks like a great place to go. I am not a huge fan of seafood, to be honest, but my fiance would love this place. I love discovering authentic places when I travel that are not covered by tourists, so I would definitely go to visit if I ever make it to Mexico. And of course, I couldn’t miss this huge pig, right? 🙂

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