Puerto Neuvo: The Lobster Village

When you think of traditional Mexican food most Americans immediately imagine piles of rice and beans paired with tacos, enchiladas, tamales, and Carne Asada. But this little Mexican town is famous for frying up some delicious seafood.

Don’t like lobster? Too bad, that’s what’s for dinner. (Okay they have other things too, I guess). But you have to try the Puerto Neuvo lobster…fried or fresh. You should also get to know this little town for more than just it’s tasty ocean bottom dwellers.

Getting There

The town is small. Blink and you might miss it. The big red arches over the exit will signal your arrival. Located just off the scenic Tijuana-Ensenada Highway around 40 minutes North of Ensenada. It’s the perfect dinner stop between Ensenada and Rosarito!

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Puerto Neuvo

Why Visit?

  • 18 USD Lobster Dinner. 18 USD for two in our case. This got us a beachfront view of the sunset with 3 lobster halves, tortilla soup, rice, beans, handmade tortillas, and a margarita at La Casa Pescador.
  • Local Artists. Sure there was the typical tourist garb and blankets everywhere BUT I also browsed an awesome little gallery that had some of the coolest spraypaint artwork I’ve seen.
  • Crickets and Candy. I’m sure this can be found a million places in Mexico but the two boys tending the shop were handing out crickets to sample left and right here. Covered in tajin, they aren’t half bad.
  • Get Drunk. Cheaper than Rosarito and Ensenada the bars here have some great deals on Margaritas and Micheladas. And the owners were super friendly.
  • Since you’re already road-tripping in the area check out Poplotla Fish Market + 2 other Baja Towns worth exploring.
Puerto Neuvo

When it comes to travel, people play a large role in determining whether or not I love a town.

And the locals here were the sweetest. They gave us directions, they watched over my car, the showed us the neatest art galleries, and they fed us loads of free candy.

So if you’re looking to take home some typical Mexico tourist trinkets buy from these vendors. Support the towns economy and meet some of the locals!

Puerto Nuevo

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