Where to Eat in Rosarito, Mexico?

I would say like 50% of the reason I travel is to eat interesting and tasty food. Food that I can’t get in my home city. Now living in Los Angeles this venture is a bit more of a challenge since everything from Cambodian to Persian food is just up the street.

As for Mexican cuisine, Los Angeles has some of the best. But I was determined to find some authentic Mexican cuisine…none of this international food popping up on every corner.

According to my AAirbnb Host, Rosarito is an up-and-coming neighborhood. A big part of attracting new residents is a thriving food scene. Now not necessarily known for its culinary achievements, I was determined to find some food worth eating in this beachy party town.

So without further ado…here were my findings.

Food Worth Stopping for in Rosarito Mexico.

  • El Nido.
    • This first stop is good for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It can be difficult to find places open for breakfast as most locals cook their first meal at home. Aside from delicious chorizo and eggs Machaca, and chilaquiles, El Nido sources local Venison and quail eggs for many dishes. But the real winner here is in ambiance. The whole place is jam-packed with foliage giving the restaurant a “jungle feeling”. Also, enjoy the multiple open fire stoves and man-made waterfalls.
  • Tacos El Yaqui
    • Universally declared as the best taco stand in town. Get the grilled skirt steak and pinto bean taco.
  • Papas and Beer
    • Now hear me out…This is more for the margaritas than the food. (But honestly, the carne asada tacos here were pretty tasty too). I’m kind of a margarita connoisseur, and it’s shocking how many places can butcher a drink made with only three ingredients. Tequila. Agave. Lime. It has to be fresh lime juice and the tequila has to be 100% agave. Papas and Beer gave me that. And at a two for one price.
  • Popotla Seafood Market
    • I wrote a whole post about this neat little beach just outside Rosarito. You can buy some fresh seafood at the market and have any of the restaurants prepare it for you for a small fee.
  • Originales Popotla Tamales
    • While you’re in the area get some 100% elotes (corn) tamales to go. Get the Chicken Verde but be warned it’s spicier than it looks. .

Want to Cook for Yourself?

Another perk of having an Airbnb equipt with a full kitchen is the ability to cook for yourself. Mercado Del Mar is a market famous for it’s insanely large selection of tequila. It also has a wide selection of seasonal fruit and other uniquely Mexican cooking ingredients.

Bon appétit!

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