My Story


Hello Fellow Travelers,

I’m just a girl with a passion to see the world. After graduating college, I took my first international trip and discovered a whole new side of myself and I haven’t looked back since. 

My lifetime adventure partner, Evan and I,  are from Washington state but we currently call the sunshine city of Los Angeles home. We bartend to make a living and travel to make a life.

Our love story started in a bar. Bartending together led to musing about travel and talk of leaving the predictable life behind… and so we did. On a whim, just two weeks after we started dating, we booked our first adventure for 4 weeks in Indonesia and fell in love (with the country and each other).  And we haven’t slowed down since.  As we continued to explore,  Bartender_Abroad_ was born.

The mission is to show you that the world can be accessible to everyone. Travel doesn’t have to be pricey. As someone who will never have the luxury of a massive travel budget, I want to inspire others to travel or at the very least I hope to give you a glimpse of the corners of the world that entice you. 

We’re chasing authentic travel experiences in the less traveled corners of the globe. Focused on finding the off-the-beaten-path local spots and showing you sights you haven’t yet seen. And we’re taking all of you with us. 


Bartender Abroad


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