• Support of the Cuban People

    Support of the Cuban People

    Want to make a difference while on vacation? Here's what you can bring, what you can do, and where you should stay to support the Cuban people.

  • Alcohol Travel

    Alcohol Around the World

    Every country I've visited has it's own unique spirits and cocktails. Here's a list of some of my favorites and where you can find them.

  • Trinidad: Cuba’s Finest Colonial Town

    Trinidad. The most underrated city of Cuba. Jam-packed with Spanish architecture, crocodiles, and small town authenticity and charm. Here's our highlights for making the most of your trip.

  • Komodo National Park-Seeking the Dragon

    Add Komodo National Park to your Indonesian Itinerary, you'll thank me later. Pink Beaches, world-class snorkeling, and the only place in the world you can get up close to the Komodo Dragon in the wild.

  • Top 5 Tips for Animal Ecotourism

    Animal tourism is tricky business for those that love animals. Here are 5 rules to live by while traveling so that you can interact with animals responsibly.

  • Viñales, Cuba: Exploring the Tobacco Plantations

    Viñales, Cuba is home to the famous Cuban cigar, coffee, honey, and endless outdoor adventure. Check out my featured blog post on WeAreTravelGirls.com to get the inside scoop on exploring the valley.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Cuba’s Beaches

    With over 250 different beaches to choose from it's a little more difficult than simply plopping down in the sand. Let's break down the most easily accessible beaches in Cuba and why you should visit them.

  • A Taste of Cuba

    Cuba gets a bad rap when it comes to food. Here's what you need to know about restaurants in Cuba and a list of all the Cuban favorites you can't miss.

  • Slab City, California: The Last Free Place on Earth

    Slab City, California. Hidden in the California badlands right smack in the middle of the Sonoran Desert is a little community of....well, squatters technically. A self-made off-the-grid community filled with desert art and well worth a visit if you find…