• Off the beaten path

    Off-The-Beaten-Path: Part 1

    Looking for some Off-The-Beaten-Path travel inspiration? Here are 4 hidden gem destinations that will have you immersed in the local lifestyle.

  • Packing the Perfect Adventure Bag

    Packing your adventure bag isn't easy. And Colombia has been the most difficult destination to pack for thus far! The mission? One carry on backpack ( + one personal item) each, fit for 3+ weeks on the road in the…

  • Over-Tourism


    Over-Tourism. The product of our planets over-population and social media's influence. Here's how travel has led to the destruction of some of Earth's most beautiful places.

  • Travel Health

    Health and Safety Abroad

    A quick guide on how to stay healthy and safe while traveling. Lets avoid foodborne illness and muggings together!

  • Puerto Neuvo: The Lobster Village

    Mexican food isn't all tacos and tamales. Puerto Neuvo is a town famous for frying up some of Mexico's finest lobsters but thats not the only reason to visit.

  • Where to Eat in Rosarito, Mexico?

    Your guide to all the tastiest local food in Rosarito, Mexico. Don't let yourself go hungry while your taking in the stunning coastal views of the Baja Peninsula.

  • Popotla Fish Market

    One of the best kept secrets of Baja California. Tasty seafood served fresh on the beach and all just a quick drive from Rosarito, Mexico!

  • Support of the Cuban People

    Support of the Cuban People

    Want to make a difference while on vacation? Here's what you can bring, what you can do, and where you should stay to support the Cuban people.